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  • Unordered List Item
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Post Images

Blog (Single Post) featured image.
Appears in Header section.

  • dimensions: width at least 1200px.
  • Max file size: 1MB
  • Soft light effect will be added dynamically.


Some categories have been created.

  • Events
  • Industry News
  • People


Some tags have been created. Add as many relevant tags as you wish.

Custom Fields section:

created for posts that are categorised as ‘People’

Section name: Testimonial

  • Staff image – Appears in staff quote/testimonial section with an animated background.
  • Department icon – Will appear before staff role
  • Staff Name
  • Staff Role


Emails and Forms

All email addresses used must be encrypted.

Mailto encryption tool: katpatuka

Someone using a normal browser will see your address and be able to mail you via a standard mailto: link,  any e-mail harvesting agents will see something like %7%68%6F%74%6D%61% instead of a real email address.

Team members

To add a new team member:

  1. Dashboard> GS Team> Add New Member
  2. Populate the following fields:
    • Member Name
    • image
    • Role
    • Linkedin (if applicable)
    • Team Group
    • Languages
    • Location

To display a Team:

All team shortcodes are located here: Dashboard> GS Team> Team shortcodes

  1. Insert GS Team Module.
  2. Select Team shortcode from dropdown