Spotlight on: Customer Service Team Leader

Spotlight on: Customer Service Team Leader

What do you do at Eyas Gaming?

As the Customer Service Technical Team Lead, I overlook the whole Customer Support team.

What does your role involve ?

Our team is the first point of contact for customers who have any issues. So, anything that our customers need on any of our brands, we’re expected to have the right answer for them.

My job, with help from the Customer Operations team, is to make sure we can provide those answers to our customers smoothly.

How did you get started ?

I started out as a Customer Service Agent and didn’t know much about iGaming, but with hard work and good management behind me, I was able to progress my career to the point where I’m now in a good technical position, managing software, and managing people.


Spotlight on: Creative Copywriter

Spotlight on: Creative Copywriter


My role involves writing website content, email campaigns, social media posts and more, all of which focus on capturing our audience’s attention and driving customer engagement.


My role is to help ensure that we’re hitting the brand’s voice and that all messages are effectively communicated to the target audience, while strictly adhering to legal and regulatory guidelines, whether that being writing or reviewing communications.

Outside of writing and reviewing, my job also involves researching and understanding target market(s) and collaborating with the Marketing team to develop effective strategies and campaigns.